Hi there folks, I hope you’re all feeling happy, healthy and well into the swing of 2018 🙂  While on the subject I don’t think it’s too late in the month to take this opportunity in wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Oh my word how time flies and with the best of intentions the months have swept by since my past blog post.  New Year’s Resolution – post updates regularly, something you can hold me to.

Whilst on the subject of Blogs I’ve decided to rename these postings as Newsletters and will be setting up a separate area for Blog posts.  These will be more personable and contain tips & techniques, whilst keeping the Newsletters for updates on Workshops, Demonstrations, Original paintings and anything else that comfortably under the newsletter heading.

 Moving on….

The dates for my Wildlife Art Workshops for 2018 have now been secured and the subjects decided:

Spring – OTTER
Summer – CHEETAH
August – OWL
For more information and to book your place please see the ‘Workshops’ page of my website:

Note:  With the Spring Workshop being only 4 weeks away, I strongly advise booking your place as soon as possible so as not to miss out as places are limited.

Last year I was very blessed to be part of SmallBizSat, and from this was chosen to be part of SmallBiz100 – one of 100 businesses chosen across the UK and invited to Downing Street on 30th Nov.  Wow what a wonderful day that was! 🙂
An arresting time outside number 10! LOL   Yep he really was that tall – a staggering 6’8”
Following my wonderful trip to London last November I was offered the chance to skill swap one day a week with local company, a new and ambitious company here in Widnes, Cheshire.  They’re specialities include website design, brand identity, social media marketing and content creation.  The perfect company to outsource the jobs that take me away from being creative.
Therefore, soon to be free from the hassle of managing my website, I’m looking forward to getting back to doing what I love the most, artistic endeavours at the easel.  Thankful to say that since having this company on board, in my corner so to speak, I’ve finished three new paintings – a truly productive start to 2018:

While staying on the ‘easel’ subject, I’m pleased and relieved to say that at last I’ve found time to sample a set of coloured pencils, Luminance 6901, sent to me from the Caran d’Ache headquarters in Geneva:


I’m pleased to say that I’m really enjoying trying out this new medium (new to me that is).  The materials produced by Caran d’Ache always excel my expectations and these coloured pencils are no exception.

For those of you who know me well will also be aware that I’ve demonstrated their pastel pencils for them since 2011.

If you’d like to know more about their products please check out their UK online store:



Another surprise to the start of 2018 was being invited to be the illustrator of a series of children’s books!  After taking time to think about this region of design into which I have hardly dabbled, a thought which I’m assuming lasted a millionth of a second lol, I said yes.  And both myself and the author are pleased with my design of the main character.  Early days, there’s at least four more mice characters to design plus many other animal characters, backgrounds and settings. So watch this space for more news on this mini adventure.


Okay well I think I’ll leave it at that for now as I need to get back to the easel and get the coloured pencil project completed as I have a new commission waiting in the wings.

So it’s over and out from me for now

Thank you once again for dropping by and following my endeavours

Be blessed

Love & hugs Kerry xXx

p.s   If you would like me to add anything in particular to my weekly blogs/newsleter then please pop your ideas in an email and forward them to me at and I’ll see what I can do.

Note:  Don’t forget to add that number 1 after my name in the email address or I won’t receive your message.

Byeeeeee xXx