Coloured Pencil

Coloured Pencils, whether used on their own or with other materials in a mixed media project, can add a splash of colour to any design.

The abundance of coloured pencil brands now on the market can lead to many pitfalls, especially for newer artists, as pencil quality and abilities can vary quite a lot. Better to invest in a small set of a high quality brand than buy a large set of inexpensive ones.

All coloured pencils contain pigment, wax and oil. The wax and oil are used to bind the pigment. A higher percentage of wax and the pencil is usually softer and more opaque, a higher percentage of oil and the colour is often more translucent. However keep in mind that some colours are naturally more translucent or opaque than others.

Opposite are the basic supplies I recommend if just getting started with coloured pencil ➡

Below is a small selection from the coloured pencil products I use ⬇

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Coloured Pencils