Acrylic Paints are extremely versatile allowing use in a variety of ways and on a multitude of surfaces. Traditionally a fast drying medium, an aspect that has great appeal to many artists, but can be a bit of a hurdle to beginners. Acrylic mediums can be added to prolong drying time if needed. Many acrylic paints dry with a mat finish whilst others dry with more of a sheen. If a mat finish is required a ‘mat medium’ can be added. Note: Adding any medium can sometimes affect paint consistency and drying time unintentionally.

Acrylic Inks, like most acrylic paints, are water-based, but become water-resistant when dry. Their pigments are suspended in a thinner medium than traditional acrylic paints. This increased fluidity allows for more translucent applications, such as washes, and also enables the paint to be applied via an airbrush.

Opposite are the basic supplies I recommend if just getting started with acrylics ➡

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Acrylic Inks