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Oil Paints are traditionally a slow-drying paint that is easy to blend. Drying times can be decreased with the use of painting mediums such as Liquin. The paint’s viscosity can also be altered with the use of solvents such as turpentine.

Water Mixable Oil Paints, such as Winsor & Newton Artisan Oils, are also available. These substitute hazardous solvents for water, without any compromise on quality within the Winsor & Newton range. Especially suitable for artists working in a confined area or who share a workspace – less odour & cleans up with water. Note: They can be used with traditional oils but brushes would need to be cleaned with solvents thereafter.

I use a mixture of traditional oil and Artisan oil (depending on the colour required), using Liquin as my painting medium. I work in thin layers thus avoiding the fat over lean rule, and my layers are usually touch-dry the following day.

Opposite are the basic supplies I recommend if just getting started with oil paint ➡

Below is a small selection from the oil painting products I use ⬇

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