Client Reviews

Some of the many wonderful messages I’ve received from satisfied clients, a written reassurance to those who are contemplating a wildlife commission or a pet portrait commission:

“I had seen and admired Kerry’s work at the British Birdwatching Fair and so had my partner Charlotte . Her ability to capture the personality of the big cats is outstanding and her artwork beautiful so it was inevitable that I would ask her to rise to a challenge . Charlotte rescues Lions , Tigers and Jaguars from lives of misery in circuses and the like and they get pampered by The Wildheart Trust at the Isle of Wight Zoo . But amongst the gang are some very special cats , animals she has known all their lives , animals she loves very much . Aysha is one , a lovely , friendly Tiger who unfortunately lost her companion and brother Diamond two years ago . As a special present I asked Kerry to paint Aysha’s portrait for Charlotte – not easy as every Tiger is different and any subtle discrepancies would be very obvious to Charlotte . The result is amazing and Charlotte was delighted with this fabulous portrait of her friend – testament to Kerry’s remarkable skills . All of which makes me wonder . . . I wonder if she could capture the subtle traits of Itchy and Scratchy?

Chris Packham

(Wildlife Commission)

A portrait commission - A pastel painting of a tiger named Aysha. And a photograph of Chris Packham who commissioned me to create the painting of Aysha.

“We wanted to create a present to celebrate our daughter’s doctorate, but what to do? She spent an amazing time in Africa learning to make her own way, living and helping on a reserve for a few weeks. Whilst there she fell in love with a wild Cheetah, named Ketswari, she tracked her on many occasions and grew to admire the beauty and majesty of this wonderful creature. Ketswari worked her magic on the whole group and they all felt a bond with this iconic cat as she trod the plains.

Capturing such a creature on paper is a task, we saw Kerry’s work online and we were quickly convinced that she was the one to take on the task. When we presented the final work to our daughter (at her wedding reception) she was stunned by the ‘photographic’ accuracy of the work. Unfortunately Ketswari had lost her life, killed by a pride of lions, but she had cubs who survived. And in Kerry’s work she came back to life, never to be forgotten. My daughter’s friends, who knew the Cheetah, were equally moved by their ‘girl’ coming back to life.

Deciding on the best part of the picture is impossible, she captured Ketswari’s personality, her alertness and her concentration. But she also set her beautifully amongst the grasses, which framed her perfectly.

Throughout the process we were kept up to date with the progress of the work, each update eagerly awaited, and each one greeted with gasps of amazement. Each one surpassing the last, and building bit by bit into the amazing work of art which will be treasured for generations to come.

Deciding on the artist to capture such a special image is difficult, you do wonder if it will ‘turn out right’. With Kerry we could not have made a better choice, she seemed to have a real connection with Ketswari and she carried the responsibility of capturing her with relish. I would not hesitate to recommend Kerry for that ‘special work’ that you are looking to have done. An artist of amazing skill, who took a real pride in the heavy responsibility that had been placed on her shoulders.”

Roger Leivers

(Wildlife Commission)

A portrait commission - A pastel painting of a Cheetah. The subject is standing in the long dried grasses in Africa.

“My expectations were set very high as I had seen Kerry’s work before but nothing could have prepared us for seeing Sam’s pet portrait commission when it was revealed. It was beyond comprehension how Kerry had captured his likeness from a photograph and as this was an 18th birthday gift for our daughter, we couldn’t have been more delighted.

Kerry absolutely 100% captured the character and personality of Sam and this portrait has given us so much comfort since losing Sam, so its like he’s still here with us and that’s something we will be forever grateful to Kerry for.

We love the fact that Kerry spotted the ‘crinkly’ hair that he had beneath his ears, oh and the fact he was just so handsome and majestic .

We were regularly kept informed of the painting’s progress – I have 4 photographs showing the painting in various stages so it was as if we were a part of the process. It was like magic seeing it develop.

We have highly recommended Kerry’s commission service to friends and family. At a first glance everyone always thinks Sam’s portrait is a photograph… and they find it incredible that it is actually a painting, but of course no picture could ever look as good and have the depth to it that our painting has.

Last but not least – We didn’t realise that when we commissioned Kerry to paint Sam’s portrait that we would become lifelong friends and stay connected, I guess that’s what happens when you come into Kerry’s life – its like a connection has been made! Our painting has brought so much joy to our family and if you ask our daughter Katie she will tell you it is THE most special gift she has ever received.”

Freda McDonald

(Pet Portrait Commission)

A pet portrait commission - A pastel painting of a Welsh Collie named Sam. He's very furry and is looking slightly downward with a slightly opened mouth.

“Undoubtably the painting that Kerry created for us gives us great pleasure daily as it holds a very prominent place in our home and is viewed by everyone.

The character & likeness that Kerry was able to capture was indeed a true replication of one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. We also love the way that our commission was given a personal touch by the addition of a sow thistle being eaten – again an extra element that brings the portrait to life.

From the moment we contacted Kerry, through the stages of choosing a pose, background and composition we were kept thoroughly informed of the painting’s progress until completion.

We would thoroughly recommend Kerry’s commission service to anyone looking for a bespoke piece of artwork and personally have already recommended her to family and friends.

Thank you Kerry for being such a wonderful artist you are indeed truly very gifted!”

Andy & Issy Foxall

(Wildlife Commission)

A portrait commission - A pastel painting of a European Hare. The subject is sitting in long grass and chewing on a piece of Sow Thistle.

“Kerry is known to me not only as my ‘go to’ artist for our dogs pet portrait commissions but as my lovely cousin. We were well aware of what we commissioned her for and she by far exceeded our expectations. We look at our paintings of Willow, Whisper, Molly, Belle, Beetle and Pea and remember, with love, dogs past and present.

Kerry not only captured all our lovely dogs but also how we remember them. We were astonished to see things about our animals we hadn’t noticed until we compared them side by side.  We love that not only are the paintings astonishingly lifelike but also fully capture our animals personalities.

We love the fact that Kerry asked us to choose the pose for our dogs, then sent us the pencil outline of the intended work. But found it’s very exciting to see how the work progressed with occasional updates.

We have bragged about our lovely commissions when updates were given but most of all when they were hung. Friends cannot believe that they’re paintings. Who wouldn’t want their animals capturing to look at forever?”

Julian Partridge

(Pet Portrait Commission)

A pet portrait commission - A pastel painting of a black Labrador with an out of focus (bokeh) background.

“We have commissioned Kerry to create three pet portrait commissions for us so far – two Black Labradors, BB & Sky, and one lurcher, Waise.  In each case Kerry has absolutely captured not only their likeness but their character and personality too – 100%

Both her craftsmanship and ability to work to a deadline leaves me in no doubt in recommending her skill set to friends and family – I have done on numerous occasions and will continue to do so.

Kerry is the most talented artist I’ve ever come across. She’s also one of life’s nice people.”

Mike Rimmington

(Pet Portrait Commission)

A pet portrait commission - A pastel painting of a lurcher named Waise.

“The pet portrait I commissioned far exceeded my expectations! It was for my daughters 21st birthday – a portrait of her precious Ralphy. I couldn’t wait for her reaction when she saw it! and when she did she couldn’t believe it was a painting! Kerry has captured Ralphy perfectly!! It IS him without any doubt! Kerry has an immense talent, the wistful look in Ralphy’s eyes is just perfect! When Kerry delivered the painting to me I was so amazed to see it for real – Kerry had sent me plenty of updates on the progress of the portrait but to actually have it in front of me WOW! I would not hesitate to recommend Kerry to anyone & everyone – the work she produces is amazing! You will not be disappointed!”

Debbie Price

(Pet Portrait Commission)

A pet portrait commission - A pastel painting of a dog named Ralphy. The subject is a crossbreed but looks very similar to a Golden Retriever.

“As a family we have known Kerry for many years, as a friend and as followers of her art career, often taking time out of our busy schedule to visit Kerry when exhibiting her work.  And so it was without a second thought that I decided to commission Kerry to create a painting of two of our Flat-coated Retrievers as a Christmas present for my husband, and needless to say we were thrilled with the results.

The likeness of our dogs in the painting was truly uncanny and Kerry even managed to capture Evie’s mischievous nature.

I was kept regularly updated while the painting was in progress and even then Kerry corresponded in such a way that my husband had no idea of the surprise in store.

Both myself, my husband and our family would definitely recommend Kerry to anyone looking to have either their pet’s portrait created or have a painting done of their favourite wildlife species.”

Elaine Fisher

(Pet Portrait Commission)