Watercolour & Gouache

closeup photo of paint palette

Watercolours, are a translucent water-soluble (as the name suggests) medium. Usually purchased either in small pans of colour or in tubes. Paints can be applied and used together regardless of how they are bought.

Watercolour Pencils are also available, making this wonderful medium even more diverse and accessible to everyone.

Gouache paints are simply opaque watercolours. Their opaqueness being due to a higher pigment content, not ground as finely as those in traditional watercolours.

Both watercolours and gouache generally dry to a mat finish. Gouache has a slightly textured surface when dry making it an ideal candidate for mixed media projects. The extra tooth being beneficial when using coloured pencil or graphite on top.

Opposite are the basic supplies I recommend if just getting started with watercolour or gouache ➡

Below is a small selection from the watercolour and gouache products I use ⬇

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Brushes for Watercolour

Brushes for Gouache


Please note: Some of the links on this page are my ArtDiscount affiliate links.