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Hey there my friends I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to the festive celebrations, or just a break from work. The weather here is getting slightly cooler but still no sign of snow, just seven sleeps until Christmas so there’s still the chance though – yep that’s me wishful thinking again. Okay I have a mug of coffee at hand, I hope you have a warm drink too. Time to catch up. Oh before I forget – my newsletters, although mobile friendly, are best viewed on a tablet, laptop or PC.

Thank you to everyone who’s contacted me this past week, brilliant comments and questions too. A big thank you to Pat King who asked if I could include a contact form at the bottom of my newsletters, and to Kieran Taylor who asked if I could add a ‘subscriber question’ section to each newsletter too. Both great ideas, so these additions will begin today.

Update on Uganda – after sharing last week’s exciting news with you all regarding Uganda (and sharing on social media too) I was so grateful with how many of you took the time to congratulate me on this new adventure in the making. I keep having to remind myself that it’s still early days yet, and I don’t want to take anything for granted. Having said that, my second meeting, via Zoom, went swimmingly well last Sunday. Everything seems to be going as planned and the final details are now being added into the 15/16 day itinerary. I’m now waiting again to hear from the Ugandan team but will keep you all updated as new developments arise.

With my ‘Christmas due’ commissions now completed and delivered, I’ve been able to spend some time making plans for the coming year, updates for my website and YouTube channel being amongst them. I now have notepads brimming with ideas as well as scribblings on how best to manage the time I have available, whilst not letting anything else fall by the wayside. For more Information of Commissions

I’ve also completed my last personal tuition booking for this year, which was a wonderful day spent in Wales with three ambitious artistic people. For more Information on Private Tuition

A few weeks ago I began the task of adding small contact forms to my Gallery Shop pages, enabling visitors to contact me directly should they be interested in knowing when a particular painting is available for purchase in print form. The feedback was almost immediate, and therefore I’m pleased to say that a majority of the paintings have now been scanned/professionally photographed and all being well prints can begin to be made available in January 2022.

Just five weeks to go until my Wildlife Art Workshops begin at Martin Mere Wetland Centre (mentioned in my previous two newsletters). If you’re interested in knowing more but haven’t had the time to take a look here’s a little link for you: Watercolour Workshop at Martin Mere

While on the subject of watercolour, I’ve a lovely little video over on my YouTube channel that’s suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike. This Red Squirrel takes you through the process of working with watercolour pencils, but you could also apply the techniques to normal pan or tube watercolours, gouache or even acrylics should you wish. Red Squirrel Video

Okay tying in nicely whilst on a watercolour theme is the first of our two new newsletter additions:

Subscriber Question – what is the difference between watercolour and gouache, and do I need both?

A. Okay this one is quite simple to explain – watercolour, as the name suggests, is a water based paint which is translucent when dry. Whereas gouache, whilst also being water based, is opaque when dry. Pigments in either medium can be staining or non-staining and both mediums dry to a mat finish. Gouache has a tendency to dry with a slightly rough texture (ideal if wanting to apply coloured pencil on top for a mixed media project). I personally love having both mediums at hand, but no you don’t need both as each medium works perfectly well on it’s own as intended.

So there we have it, another newsletter in the bag lol. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here with me today, thank you for keeping me company. As promised I’ll pop the aforementioned contact form at the end of the newsletter, so please feel free to use it to send YouTube, website or newsletter suggestions and general art questions too.

Signing off for now and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

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