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‘Creativity takes courage’ – Henri Matisse

Hey there my friends, I hope you’re all keeping well and warm. Wow has it really been two weeks already since my last letter? Time flies or so the saying goes. I’ve a large mug of coffee and a couple of those fancy biscuits (Lotus Biscoff) so I’m all comfy and cosy for our catch up.

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for the feedback now I have my email newsletters rolling out again, it’s great to hear from you all and I hope you’ve all found my replies satisfactory 😊 Last night I added a couple more items to my website ‘sidebar widget area’, I’ll see if you can spot them… okay a couple of clues – ‘he flaunts the front of many Christmas cards’ and ‘you already have, but it may prompt more to do likewise’. If anyone has further suggestions for additions to my
website please let me know.

New and exciting news – I’m currently in talks with a Ugandan-based company who would like me to run an art-based safari over there. We’ve had one informal meeting, over the phone of course, and we’re scheduled to have our next meeting this coming Sunday via Zoom. Initial itinerary plans have been put together which I’ve now received via email. It’s very exciting, even though development is in the early stages at the moment. As the plans for this adventure unfold I’ll be sure to share them all with you.

The past couple of weeks have been busy, as you’d expect in the lead up to Christmas. Anyone working with commissions at this time of the year knows the pressure of deadlines, and no matter how far in advance we try to plan, time has a way of creeping up on us. I’m not complaining though as I seem to work more efficiently with deadlines in place, an impending target date putting an abrupt end to my procrastination tendencies 😉

The hard work has payed off yet again and two more commissions have been delivered with time to spare. Another commission has been scheduled for the new year and I’ve already taken a large amount of reference images for this, so let’s just say I’m ahead of schedule in the commission area of my life right now. For more Information on Commissions

I don’t know about you but it always feels weird when I begin filling dates in my calendar for the following year. I’m looking forward to new and exciting journeys, one of them being Wildlife Art Workshops at WWF Martin Mere Wetland Centre as mentioned in my last newsletter.

Places are filling up nicely apparently, which is great for me and the centre alike. But if you would like to give it a go don’t leave it too late to book, I’ve restricted the amount of places so that all attendees get plenty of attention should the require it on the day. One thing I meant to mention is that 50% of all proceeds go straight back into conservation via the WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust).

We’re starting off the workshops with a watercolour one. Beginner friendly of course, and not too heavy on the wallet material wise. After that I’ll tailor workshops to whatever participants want, different mediums and different flora & fauna subjects. Interested? For more Information on these Workshops

I’m pleased to say I’ve now over 2k subscribers on my YouTube channel. I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been fulfilling commissioned works, but over the Christmas period I’ll be able to get back on track. Its looking like the ‘Black Fur in Pastel’ has been a favourite with viewers so far.
Here’s a link if you’d like to take a look 👀 Black Fur in Pastel video

Okay I’ve rambled enough for one afternoon and my easel’s calling me lol. Don’t forget if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in these newsletters or things you’d like to see added to my website let me know.

I’ll sign off for now but thank you for spending some time with me.

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

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