Wildlife Art Experiences

This page, the latest addition to my website, is the result of an invitation to work with ‘Wildlife Art Experiences’  www.WildilfeArtExperiences.com  This amazing collaboration now enables me to offer new and exclusive WILDLIFE ART events and tours in the UK and abroad.

As with my current tuition practices each event/tour participant will receive my patient conscientious guidance uniquely tailored to the individual’s needs.  Whether you’re a beginner to the world of art or someone who is further along their artistic journey you can rest assured there’ll be something here for you!  From Otters to Owls, Harvest Mice to Hippos, Elk to Elephants – the variety of subjects and destinations are increasing as we speak….

From an array of events evolving across the UK to tours to Estonia, South Africa and India, it seems the sky’s the limit..

More events will be added over the coming weeks plus additional booking details and images etc so don’t forget to subscribe to my website emailing list to be kept up to date with new and exclusive developments … and obviously popping back to this page is a must too.  Okay we’ve three to get you started …

So let the Experiences begin:

‘Badger ART Workshop & Watching Experience Day’

£125 per person materials supplied  (max 8 participants)

Hoo Farm in Telford is set to be (pardon the pun) the home of these new and exclusive Badger ART workshop & watching experience days. Working from both a purpose built classroom and fully heated hide that overlooks an active sett, this event is sure set to be a winner for beginners and the more experienced artist alike. Of course I’ll be making sure that the day caters for all abilities.

At just £125 per person you’ll be up close and personal with these amazing mammals in their natural habitat, the above photographs were taken from our hide so will hopefully give you an idea of the beautiful views you’ll experience on your day. In addition to this you’ll receive art tuition, all materials supplied and entrance to the adjacent zoo should you wish to venture further – the zoo is home to an abundance of domestic and exotic breeds including the gorgeous Binturong! Wondering how many of you will now Google that word lol.

Places will be limited to just 8 participants.  For more information drop me an email at kerrynewell1@gmail.com

Dates coming soon.

Best wishes


‘Shropshire Falconry ART Workshop Experience Day’

£125 per person materials supplied  (max 10 participants)

Set in the stunning countryside of Shropshire, Shropshire Falconry is home to over 50 birds of prey including 17 Owl species, Kestrel, Harris Hawk, Buzzard, etc. Complete with an indoor flying arena, outdoor flying arena and training rooms there will be plenty of opportunity to get really close to these magnificent birds.

The centre isn’t open to the general public and I am the sole provider of art days here so this really is an exclusive event you wouldn’t want to miss.

Places will be limited to just 10 participants.  For more information drop me an email at kerrynewell1@gmail.com

Dates coming soon.

Best wishes


South African Art-based Wildlife Tour

An Exclusive Safari for a Non-exclusive Price of just £3300 pp

“You Don’t Have To Share The Wildlife”

A breathtaking 10 day safari for just six participants in an exclusive reserve adjacent to the stunning scenery of Kruger National Park.  This wildlife rich reserve will be our home for the duration of the trip.  Daily drives and bush walks will enable you to see the real Africa and it’s array of flora and fauna, and with just six people in the safari vehicle we’re guaranteed amazing views without the crowds and noise of other tours.

We now have the full itinerary and price for this safari:  ART SAFARIS FEBRUARY 2018

The owner of On Track Safaris is now advertising my art-based tours and is offering his NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS an exclusive special offer when they book onto one of my safaris plus special deals galore!!!  Even if you are unsure about this particular tour I would encourage you all to pop over to www.ontracksafaris.com and subscribe anyway (I have).

Please remember that this South African tour is only open to six participants and it literally will be first come first served.  More information regarding this tour and how to reserve or book your place will be coming soon. If you’re interested and would like more information or to simply reserve a place then please drop me an email at kerrynewell1@gmail.com

More events coming soon.

“If however you have a species or destination in mind that you would like an art-based tour to or a workshop for then please send your request via email to Kerry at kerrynewell1@gmail.com and we will arrange something for you.”  Kind regards Phil Gould.