Good afternoon folks I hope that this my latest blog finds you all well and enjoying the sunshine.

Now where do I start as it’s been a busy couple of weeks, well apart from in my studio as a back muscle strain stopped me from standing or even sitting to work, thankfully my back is feeling much better now thus I enjoyed an afternoon back in the studio yesterday.  Back to working on my ‘wolves’ painting 🙂

Whilst my back was a ‘pain in the back’ I let my husband loose in the kitchen to cook the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, all seemed to be going well until the smoke alarms began to sound …. to my disbelief he’d actually managed to melt the plastic spatula into the frying pan! Lol. If he’d planned this as a way of getting out of cooking in the future I dare say he’s succeeded! Lol.

So as I was saying it has been a busy couple of weeks if not in the studio then ‘business wise’ including meetings, long phone conversations, emailing and paperwork all of which I’d rather someone else do for me lol. When it comes to the business side of business I’m not a big fan however needs must I guess.

Now I’m assuming that you’ve all read my two previous blog posts and are therefore now aware of my invitation to work with ‘365 Wildlife Experiences’ in a new branch of their business ‘Wildlife Art Experiences’.  If not I’ll give you a couple of minutes to scroll down and read those ….

My invited role being eloquently described, or not I’ll let you decide, as ‘Wildlife Art Tutor for Tours & Events Abroad and in the UK’.  Mmm it doesn’t exactly role off the tongue does it lol.  So me being me and the saying that little things please little minds I thought I’d take a look at the acronym of my new role:  W.A.T.T.E.A.U.  Still not a catchy lol. Anyway I thought I’d google it as a word to see if it meant anything, as you do lol, and what a surprise – it’s actually the surname of a French female artist in the 1700’s!  Well we live and learn.  Now where was I?  Oh yes, this new role of mine will be running alongside my own painting, workshops, tuition & demonstrations etc.  As well as opening up new opportunities for me personally this new collaboration enables me to offer a more diverse range of tuition subjects and destinations – all of which are exclusive, now you don’t get more exciting than that eh 😉  My calendar is already seeing the benefits if not my bank balance yet lol.  But hey I’m not complaining as I’m definitely living the dream.

On Monday 13th March a new page on my website went live:  ‘Wildlife Art Experiences

This page will be the place where I’ll be showcasing exclusive up and coming events & tours and much more …

Now there are two items that have already been posted on the new page but I’d like to bring your attention to them right now, you can go and take a look at the page in full later:

1. The owner of 365WildlifeExperiences has asked me to forward the following on to you, so on behalf of Phil Gould:

“If you have a species or destination in mind that you would like an art-based tour to or a workshop for then please send your request via email to Kerry at kerrynewell1@gamil.com and we will arrange something for you.”  Kind regards Phil Gould.

Note:  Phil is a highly acclaimed international wildlife photographer, published author and has travelled the globe leading wildlife photography tours for over 35 years.

2. The owner of On Track Safaris  www.ontracksafaris.co.uk  in South Africa is now advertising my art-based tours and asked me to forward the following to you:

“I am now offering my newsletter subscribers an exclusive special offer when they book onto one of Kerry’s safaris.” Best wishes Will Fox

Note:  Even I’ve subscribed 😉

Okay I’m going to keep this blog relatively short as you’ve plenty of reading over on my new page.  So to finish off here are some dates for your diary:

Events featured in full on my new page ‘Wildlife Art Experiences’:

Badger ART Workshop & Watching Day – Saturday 17th June 2017
Shropshire Falconry ART Workshop Day – Sunday 17th September 2017
South African Art-based Tour – Saturday 17th – Tuesday 27th February 2018

And finally: 

There are still a few places left on my Wildlife Art Workshops in Leicester, please see the ‘Workshops’ page of my website for more details on these and how to book your place.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my latest blog, looking forward to chatting with you all again soon.  If you would like me to add anything in particular to my weekly blogs then please pop your ideas in an email and forward them to me at kerrynewell1@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.

If as a reader/subscriber you would like to contact me to enquire about purchasing my art, displaying my art, interviewing me, promoting my work on your blog or vice versa, including my work in magazines or to discuss tuition, demonstrations, workshops or my pet portrait service etc then please feel free to contact me via the following  Email: kerrynewell1@gmail.com  or  Mobile:  07752325031 (please leave a brief msg along with your name & contact number and I’ll get back to you asap)

Okay well it’s over and out from me for now

Be blessed and thank you once again for following my endeavours.

Looking forward to chatting with you again next week, love & hugs Kerry x