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‘In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece’ Kai Green

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Pied Wagtail in Acrylic completed 14.05.2022

Hey there my friends I hope you’re all keeping well and enjoying the occasional bursts of sunshine we seem to be getting at the moment here in the UK. Finally had time to finish off my Pied Wagtail acrylic painting, and I’m pleased with the results. I have to admit that I had lots of fun playing with the lighting on this one. In many cases the lighting and contrast within a project can make or break a painting, much more than colour can. So something to keep in mind if you’re planning your next project (no matter what the size or subject make sure to get some punchy contrast going to make your piece pop).

Just 6 sleeps to go until my Puffin in Acrylic workshop. There’s still a few places left, so if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at acrylics this would be a perfect opportunity to do so. This subject really is suitable for beginners, so don’t be put off if it looks a little intimidating 😉 For more information: Martin Mere Wetland Centre

Wildlife Art Workshops New for 2022

January 22ndWatercolourEuropean Robin
February 26th Acrylicpostponed due to Covid
March 26thPastelRed Squirrel
April 30thWatercolourKingfisher
May 28thAcrylicPuffin
June 25thPastelT.B.C

Six dates have now been confirmed over at Martin Mere Wetland Centre. One running each month until, and including, June. The mediums alternate between Watercolour, Acrylic and Pastel, and all workshops are suitable for beginners. More information can be found over on our exclusive Art Workshop page on the Martin Mere website as well as on the Workshop page of my website. If participants would like further mediums added then extra dates can be slotted in to suit. So if your passion is coloured pencil or you love oil painting then just let me know.

Diary Dates

Patching’s Art Festival14th – 17th July 2022
Exhibition of Wildlife Art29th – 31st July 2022
Art Safari in Uganda15th – 30th September 2022
North West Birdwatching Festival15th & 16th October 2022
Art Safari in Uganda 16th February – 3rd March 2023

Patching’s Art Festival – an international four day art event celebrating the best in art & craft. Open to all there’s something for everyone, the chance to meet over 250 artists, a lot of which will be demonstrating (including me demonstrating for Caran d’Ache). Plus ‘hands-on’ workshops and art material offers all set in 60 acres of beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside.

Exhibition of Wildlife Art – ‘an exciting three day show featuring the work of some of the world’s most talented wildlife artists. The biggest and most successful, open selling, exhibition of Wildlife Art outside of London. All exhibited work is for sale and many artist demonstrate whilst there.’ I’ll be demonstrating whilst exhibiting there this year and would love for you to drop by and say hello.

Art Safari in Uganda – a two week tour taking in some of Uganda’s best national parks, optional gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, visiting a rhino sanctuary and so much more. With a maximum of 6 participants this art based safari ensures you’ll have all the natural world of Uganda has to offer, plus plenty of 1 to 1 guidance from me when you need it to enable you to capture all that you want on paper or canvas. More information below.

North West Birdwatching Festival – Open at 8am, start your day by watching the spectacle of thousands of wild geese leave the roost before heading for breakfast in the Martin Mere restaurant. Over the two day there will be an array of guest speakers and exhibitors, artists and photographers including photography workshops, guided reserve walks, and more. I’ll be exhibiting and demonstrating throughout the weekend and would love you to drop by and say hello.

Latest News

Okay my latest news is….. well I don’t have much to tell this week. I’m now awaiting a reply from Derwent regarding an offer of ambassadorship (if that’s a real word lol) and to write for their blog. More news on this as I find out 😉

I’m currently staying with my mum for a few days, so my ‘art life’ is taking the back seat, should be able to get back to my easel on Tuesday.

A visit to the Welsh Mountain Zoo last Wednesday has left me with another plethora of images to go through. Oh one thing that did happen is that my beloved Canon 60d decided to become temperamental while photographing European Brown bears, urgh, nothing like choosing the most inconvenient time to do so. Needless to say my Canon 60d is being put into retirement, not bad after 11yrs faithful service, and a replacement camera body will soon be making its home here with me.

On My Easel

a canvas on a wooden easel with yellow background

Today the canvas resting on my easel is bare as I’m currently deciding on the composition for my next painting, all being well it will be a Ring-tailed Lemur study in acrylic. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more interesting to show you in my next newsletter lol.

For the love of Uganda

Calling all artists, would you like to take your love for art and wildlife one step further? Then why not join me on safari in Uganda this coming September? There’s so much to see and do on this adventure of a lifetime; safari drives, boat cruises, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking so much more… Any questions? Then contact Lesley who’s looking forward to hearing from you.

‘Capture some of Africa’s finest wildlife in art that will help your memories last forever. We are very excited about our new partnership with wildlife artist Kerry Newell and hope this art safari – based on one of our classic wildlife safaris – will become an annual feature in our tour calendar.’

Ugandan Art-based Safaris

15th – 30th September 2022


16th February – 3rd March 2023

Limited Places

Amazing price of £4,775

For more information please contact Lesley Harris

WhatsApp: +256 782 735 309

Lesley Harris, owner of Venture Uganda, is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this adventure. Please take a few minutes to read the amazing itinerary Lesley and her team, over in Uganda, have put together (you wont be disappointed). Lesley is currently building a new and exclusive page to add to her, already wonderful, website. I’ll be sure to let you all know when that goes live, but for now sit back and enjoy all the amazing details of this new and exciting diary of events planned for 15th – 30th September 2022!

Subscriber Question

Q. How can I speed up when working with coloured pencils?

A. Working with coloured pencils is always slow compared to working with paint. Let’s face it trying to cover a piece of paper with a tiny sharpened piece of pigment is always going to have time related issues. Having said that, there are a few things you could try to speed the process along. Think about using a toned paper, this takes away the need for a background and lets you begin with a midtone. You could try adding base coats with alcohol pens, watercolours or gouache. You could even apply a background/subject base coats with pastel and leave your coloured pencil for the finer details. Obviously all of the above would be mixed media paintings when finished. In the following video Coloured Pencil on Toned Paper I show the benefits of working with a toned base and also the advantages of using a softer drawing pencil and odourless mineral spirits – techniques that can cut down on the amount of layering required whilst speeding up the process of completing a project too.

I may not always have a video on my YouTube channel to go alongside a subscriber’s question, but when I do I’ll be sure to add it.

Well it’s that time again to sign off for now, a quick cuppa with my husband before heading back round to my mum’s for the evening.

I hope that you’re weekend is a lovely one and that you’re able to spend it with the ones you love.

Thank you once again as always my friends for spending some time with me today, and please feel free to leave a question or suggestion in the contact form below.

Wishing you all the best, until next time, as always, stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

brown cookies
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

Questions & Suggestions welcomed

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Painting of a playful tiger cub laying on his back, with the words 'Close Encounters of the Furry Kind' across the top of the image, and the the words 'A Wildlife Artist's Blog by Kerry Newell' across the bottom.

‘If you don’t do it, someone else will’

Welcome to 2022, let the adventure begin. Love and peace to all, Kerry xxx

Happy New Year 2022 my wonderful friends! I hope this latest newsletter finds you all well as we move into 2022. Like so many others, moving into the new year can come with a mixture of emotions. I had to say goodbye to my beloved canine companion Skye in September, hopefully stepping into the new year will bring new challenges and adventures to keep me occupied.

I don’t tend to make New Year resolutions as such, as I feel I’ll just be setting myself up for a fall lol. However, I am determined to form some new healthy habits especially when it comes to creating and sticking to a schedule. Beginning these weekly newsletters again has been a great start. Are you setting yourself any new year’s resolutions? And if so, what are they? I’d love to hear.

An acrylic painting of a snow leopard walking over a rocky surface, with mountains in the background. This is a work in progress shot.

No snow as yet, so I’ve had to settle with working on my snow leopard painting over the festive break. It’s definitely a work in progress and there’s a lot to do yet. As I work through the foreground, which is mostly going to be rocks, I’ll keep popping back and adding to the leopard as I spot something new that needs adjusting. This is acrylic on canvas, and prints will be made available once it’s finished.

Here’s a link if you’d like to take a look at the acrylic supplies I use: Acrylic painting supplies

A watercolour painting of a robin. The style of painting is loose with vibrant colours.

Wow just three weeks to go until my workshops begin at WWF Martin Mere Wetland Centre. What a great start to the new year! Want to start a new hobby or refresh an old one? Then come and join us, beginners welcomed!.

Obviously I’m hoping that all of the places have been booked, but if you’re interested in taking part check out the link or call them direct and it might not be too late to book a place. All of my courses are beginner friendly and 50% of all proceeds go straight back into conservation via the WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust). I’m starting off the workshops with a watercolour one, after that I’ll tailor workshops to whatever participants want, different mediums and different flora & fauna subjects.

Interested? For more Information on these Workshops

Scratchboard artwork depicted the face of a young Lowland Mountain Gorilla. It is monochrome - just black and white.

Update on Ugandan Art-based Safari – I’ll soon be able to share the full itinerary and price for this amazing safari due to take place in Uganda 15th – 30th September 2022

The organisers are awaiting flight confirmations before finalising the marketing details, rest assured that this will definitely be something worth waiting for. As I mentioned before the itinerary is simply amazing and I can’t wait to reveal the whole package to you. I can guarantee you wont be disappointed lol.

Watch this space…

A hedgehog painting created using pan pastels and pastel pencils. This image is being used to advertise the hedgehog in pastel video on my YouTube channel.

Subscriber Question – what paper would you recommend that I can use for pastel that doesn’t need a fixative spray.

A. There are many papers on the market that lend themselves well to pastel. However, my favourite by far is Pastel Mat by the company Claire Fontaine. It’s a finely textured paper that is soft to the touch (unlike sanded paper). It can hold many layers of pastel and I personally have found that it can be used effectively without the need for a fixing spray. Once a finished painting has been mounted and framed there is little to no droppage of pastel dust, unlike other pastel papers such as velour.

I may not always have a video on my YouTube channel to go alongside a subscriber’s question, but when I do I’ll be sure to add it. Here’s a link for the Hedgehog In Pastel if you’d like to take a look.

This image shows a tranquil, frosty, early morning scene of a pathway through a winter forest. Vivid colours and long shadows are cast across the pathway on the frozen ground.

Whatever you’re wishes and dreams are for the new year, one thing’s for sure – there’s a path to be taken and adventures to be had.

Happy New Year 2022 to you all!

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

Questions & Suggestions welcomed

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‘I make art to show my soul I’m listening’ – Pat Wiederspan

Seasons Greetings my friends! I trust you’re all keeping well and getting ready to relax and recharge your creative batteries during the festive break. For those of you, whom like myself, celebrate Christmas, I hope you’ll have some arty goodies to unwrap tomorrow. Something you’ve put on your Christmas list or maybe something you’ve treated yourself to? No doubt I’ll be browsing art materials online tomorrow and seeing if anything sparks my interest. If it doesn’t then not to worry as I’ve plenty to keep me entertained for now. Have enjoyed flexing my digital art muscles for a change whilst creating this little Christmassy Frogs picture, I hope you like him.

white ceramic mug near brown pinecones

Well as much as I’ve wished for snow, the cold weather hasn’t arrived yet. Actually it’s quite mild at the moment, so my dreams of a white Christmas are looking less likely by the hour. No worries, I’ve still made myself a warm drink so that at least I’ll feel cosy on the inside whilst catching up with you all.

I’m pleased to say that last week’s addition of ‘subscriber question’ and ‘contact form’ sections have been successful, so they’ll be staying put. No new addition suggestions as yet, but keep your ideas coming and who knows what the New Year will hold. Okay, now things of an arty nature:

Update on Ugandan Art-based Safari – I’ve now received the full itinerary and dates!

I haven’t been given the go-ahead to share everything with you yet, as flight details are, at the moment, being confirmed. What I can say is that this is going to be an amazing 15 day safari in Uganda, 15th – 30th September 2022, the trip of a lifetime.

Reading through the itinerary alone gave me goose bumps, not to mention the butterflies the size of Monarchs in my stomach from excitement lol. But I do keep reminding myself that it’s still early days. So watch this space and hopefully come January all will be revealed.

With just four weeks to go until my new and exclusive workshops begin at WWF Martin Mere Wetland Centre, I’m getting pretty excited about this too. Teaching is always a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and share an interest or two, an opportunity that I never take for granted. I love to see individuals taking ‘the next step’ on their artistic journey, whether it be their first initial steps or leaps and bounds later on, the fact that we’re on this never ending journey of discovery together is what makes sharing it even more special.

All of my courses are beginner friendly, with each participant encouraged to work at their own pace however steady or speedy that my be. Each workshop has a set (limited) number of places so that everyone can get the extra help and words of encouragement should they need it. Plus 50% of all proceeds go straight back into conservation via the WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust).

We’re starting off the workshops with a watercolour one. Beginner friendly of course, and not too heavy on the wallet material wise. After that I’ll tailor workshops to whatever participants want, different mediums and different flora & fauna subjects. Interested? For more Information on these Workshops

Subscriber Question – what water based medium can I use to compliment my watercolours but that has more vibrancy?

A. Achieving vibrancy in watercolour can be achieved but it isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to the medium. Gouache (opaque watercolour) can be used. But if you want colour with a visual kick then I’d recommend giving Derwent’s Inktense a try. It’s a water-soluble ink that is permanent and mat when dry. It can be used on paper, canvas and even fabric and works wonderfully well alongside watercolours in mixed media projects.

I may not always have a video on my YouTube channel to go alongside a subscriber’s question, but when I do I’ll be sure to add it. Here’s a link for the Iguana in Inktense if you’d like to take a look.

Thank you once again for taking a few minutes out of your day to join me, I promised myself that I’d keep my rambling short this time as I’m sure you’ve plenty to do, so with that said I’ll say farewell for now by wishing you all a huge MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

Questions & Suggestions welcomed

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“Inhale possibility, exhale creativity.” – Laura Jaworski

Hey there my friends I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to the festive celebrations, or just a break from work. The weather here is getting slightly cooler but still no sign of snow, just seven sleeps until Christmas so there’s still the chance though – yep that’s me wishful thinking again. Okay I have a mug of coffee at hand, I hope you have a warm drink too. Time to catch up. Oh before I forget – my newsletters, although mobile friendly, are best viewed on a tablet, laptop or PC.

Thank you to everyone who’s contacted me this past week, brilliant comments and questions too. A big thank you to Pat King who asked if I could include a contact form at the bottom of my newsletters, and to Kieran Taylor who asked if I could add a ‘subscriber question’ section to each newsletter too. Both great ideas, so these additions will begin today.

Update on Uganda – after sharing last week’s exciting news with you all regarding Uganda (and sharing on social media too) I was so grateful with how many of you took the time to congratulate me on this new adventure in the making. I keep having to remind myself that it’s still early days yet, and I don’t want to take anything for granted. Having said that, my second meeting, via Zoom, went swimmingly well last Sunday. Everything seems to be going as planned and the final details are now being added into the 15/16 day itinerary. I’m now waiting again to hear from the Ugandan team but will keep you all updated as new developments arise.

With my ‘Christmas due’ commissions now completed and delivered, I’ve been able to spend some time making plans for the coming year, updates for my website and YouTube channel being amongst them. I now have notepads brimming with ideas as well as scribblings on how best to manage the time I have available, whilst not letting anything else fall by the wayside. For more Information of Commissions

I’ve also completed my last personal tuition booking for this year, which was a wonderful day spent in Wales with three ambitious artistic people. For more Information on Private Tuition

A few weeks ago I began the task of adding small contact forms to my Gallery Shop pages, enabling visitors to contact me directly should they be interested in knowing when a particular painting is available for purchase in print form. The feedback was almost immediate, and therefore I’m pleased to say that a majority of the paintings have now been scanned/professionally photographed and all being well prints can begin to be made available in January 2022.

Just five weeks to go until my Wildlife Art Workshops begin at Martin Mere Wetland Centre (mentioned in my previous two newsletters). If you’re interested in knowing more but haven’t had the time to take a look here’s a little link for you: Watercolour Workshop at Martin Mere

While on the subject of watercolour, I’ve a lovely little video over on my YouTube channel that’s suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike. This Red Squirrel takes you through the process of working with watercolour pencils, but you could also apply the techniques to normal pan or tube watercolours, gouache or even acrylics should you wish. Red Squirrel Video

Okay tying in nicely whilst on a watercolour theme is the first of our two new newsletter additions:

Subscriber Question – what is the difference between watercolour and gouache, and do I need both?

A. Okay this one is quite simple to explain – watercolour, as the name suggests, is a water based paint which is translucent when dry. Whereas gouache, whilst also being water based, is opaque when dry. Pigments in either medium can be staining or non-staining and both mediums dry to a mat finish. Gouache has a tendency to dry with a slightly rough texture (ideal if wanting to apply coloured pencil on top for a mixed media project). I personally love having both mediums at hand, but no you don’t need both as each medium works perfectly well on it’s own as intended.

So there we have it, another newsletter in the bag lol. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here with me today, thank you for keeping me company. As promised I’ll pop the aforementioned contact form at the end of the newsletter, so please feel free to use it to send YouTube, website or newsletter suggestions and general art questions too.

Signing off for now and wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

Questions & Suggestions welcomed

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‘Creativity takes courage’ – Henri Matisse

Hey there my friends, I hope you’re all keeping well and warm. Wow has it really been two weeks already since my last letter? Time flies or so the saying goes. I’ve a large mug of coffee and a couple of those fancy biscuits (Lotus Biscoff) so I’m all comfy and cosy for our catch up.

Firstly I’d like to say thank you for the feedback now I have my email newsletters rolling out again, it’s great to hear from you all and I hope you’ve all found my replies satisfactory 😊 Last night I added a couple more items to my website ‘sidebar widget area’, I’ll see if you can spot them… okay a couple of clues – ‘he flaunts the front of many Christmas cards’ and ‘you already have, but it may prompt more to do likewise’. If anyone has further suggestions for additions to my
website please let me know.

New and exciting news – I’m currently in talks with a Ugandan-based company who would like me to run an art-based safari over there. We’ve had one informal meeting, over the phone of course, and we’re scheduled to have our next meeting this coming Sunday via Zoom. Initial itinerary plans have been put together which I’ve now received via email. It’s very exciting, even though development is in the early stages at the moment. As the plans for this adventure unfold I’ll be sure to share them all with you.

The past couple of weeks have been busy, as you’d expect in the lead up to Christmas. Anyone working with commissions at this time of the year knows the pressure of deadlines, and no matter how far in advance we try to plan, time has a way of creeping up on us. I’m not complaining though as I seem to work more efficiently with deadlines in place, an impending target date putting an abrupt end to my procrastination tendencies 😉

The hard work has payed off yet again and two more commissions have been delivered with time to spare. Another commission has been scheduled for the new year and I’ve already taken a large amount of reference images for this, so let’s just say I’m ahead of schedule in the commission area of my life right now. For more Information on Commissions

I don’t know about you but it always feels weird when I begin filling dates in my calendar for the following year. I’m looking forward to new and exciting journeys, one of them being Wildlife Art Workshops at WWF Martin Mere Wetland Centre as mentioned in my last newsletter.

Places are filling up nicely apparently, which is great for me and the centre alike. But if you would like to give it a go don’t leave it too late to book, I’ve restricted the amount of places so that all attendees get plenty of attention should the require it on the day. One thing I meant to mention is that 50% of all proceeds go straight back into conservation via the WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust).

We’re starting off the workshops with a watercolour one. Beginner friendly of course, and not too heavy on the wallet material wise. After that I’ll tailor workshops to whatever participants want, different mediums and different flora & fauna subjects. Interested? For more Information on these Workshops

I’m pleased to say I’ve now over 2k subscribers on my YouTube channel. I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been fulfilling commissioned works, but over the Christmas period I’ll be able to get back on track. Its looking like the ‘Black Fur in Pastel’ has been a favourite with viewers so far.
Here’s a link if you’d like to take a look 👀 Black Fur in Pastel video

Okay I’ve rambled enough for one afternoon and my easel’s calling me lol. Don’t forget if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in these newsletters or things you’d like to see added to my website let me know.

I’ll sign off for now but thank you for spending some time with me.

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

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‘Practise makes progress, not perfection.’ – Me

From my sofa to yours…

Hey there my friends I hope you’re keeping well. It’s been a while since I last put pen to paper, well fingers to keypad to be exact. So we’ve plenty to catch up on. I’ll go and grab a coffee, if you want to do likewise, then we can relax and have a catch up.

Well I don’t know about you but I’ve heard enough about a certain virus that’s been doing the rounds this past 18 months or so, and I want to keep these newsletters upbeat so wont be mentioning it again… apart from saying that I quite enjoyed the first lockdown – plenty of guilt-free studio time.

Okay, so what’s been happening this end, and I apologise in advance as I doubt that my ramblings will be in any particular order (especially chronological).

In short, I’ve been a busy bee lol. Completing more drawings, paintings, commissions and YouTube videos than ever before, within the same timeframe of course. I’ve been inspired by inks, allured again by acrylics and played with my pencils, not to mention the occasional flexing of my digital art muscles lol. I’ve also been busy the past few weeks giving my website some much needed TLC.

So where has all this ‘playing with my art materials’ taken me? Well, I enjoyed a wonderful weekend exhibiting at the EWA (Exhibition of Wildlife Art) back in July, wow is it really that long ago. It’s a brilliant weekend if you’re into wildlife and art, takes place at the same venue each year – Gordale Garden Centre on the Wirral.

Then in October, last month, I was invited to exhibit at the North West Birdwatching Festival. It’s an event that’s held annually at the Martin Mere Wetland Centre in Lancashire. Hadn’t been to this event before, let alone exhibited there. On arrival, it turned out that I was the only artist there which was surprising but lovely at the same time.

One of the advantages of exhibiting, apart from selling and meeting such wonderful people, is the chance of being asked to do something that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Well, okay it could but the possibilities are less I would think. Anyway, before I completely loose my thread and have to go and grab another coffee, I’m so very pleased to let you know that I’ve been invited to run Art Workshops at Martin Mere Wetland Centre! Exciting times ahead, even if I say so myself lol. So the first date has been set for Saturday 22nd January 2022 and it’s going to be a watercolour workshop. For beginners and the more experienced alike.

Here’s a link if you want to go and have a look at what’s on offer, as long as you promise to come back to read the rest of my ramblings of course – Information on these Workshops

So where did I get to? Oh yes ‘workshops’ – great news eh. Can’t think of anything better than starting a new hobby or brushing the cobwebs off an old one, and a lovely way of easing into a brand new year 🙂

Anyway as I was saying, before my mind jumped ahead of itself and my ‘fingers hitting the keyboard’ had to follow. I’ve been applying my tech savvy brain cell to the task of tweaking my website. While some people like the idea of a simple to use website where you just ‘drag & drop’ so to speak, I like to challenge myself once in a while with my homemade style WordPress website, one step away from the aforementioned drag & drop but not quite in the realm of coding where I wouldn’t stand a chance lol.

To my website I’ve added ‘Supply Lists’ seven brand new pages showing some of the products I use and can therefore recommend. There’s Graphite & Charcoal, Coloured Pencil, Watercolour & Gouache, Acrylic, Oils, Pastels and Studio Accessories.

Along with a little description and the supply listings, I’ve also included an image on each section showing my recommendations for someone wanting to get started in each medium. Something that I would have found useful when starting out.

On the subject of all things ‘tech savvy’ (well we weren’t but we can pretend can’t we lol) I now have 23 YouTube videos, have plenty more planned too. Here’s a link if you’d like to take a look 👀 My YouTube Channel

I’ve also updated my ‘Commissions’ page which now includes pricing examples and more information than before.

For more Information on Commissions

Those of you who know me well know that I could ramble on for hours, but those of you who don’t know me so well… I’ll spare you that ordeal for now 😉

I’ve so much more to share with you all but I’ll save it for my next newsletters to you.

If there’s anything you’d like me to chat about in particular just let me know. If there’s any subject or mediums that you’d like to see me cover in a YouTube video just let me know too.

So I’ll sign off now, thank you for spending some time with me.

Stay safe and stay creative, Kerry xXx

© Kerry Newell ⭐ ⭐ All rights reserved


Good afternoon folks I hope this blog update finds you all well.

Perfect weather here in the UK again, that is if all you have to do is sit on a lounger being served pink gin cocktails, whilst being wafted with palm fronds before taking a dip in an olympic size swimming pool lol. Unfortunately reality at the minute is a hot & humid art studio with a plentiful supply of chilled water as apposed to pink gin or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter, but I’m not complaining … honest lol.

While the world seems to have gone football mad, every four years birthing a whole new generation of wannabe professional referees shouting at the tv and declaring the ‘I could do better’ chant (yep my husband included lol), I plod on with commissions and filming for my YouTube channel amongst other art related tasks.

After a decluttering session I decided to add some ‘green’ to my working space, by that I mean plant life and not wallpaper made up of £5 notes lol. Now I’ve never been one for ‘collecting’ but oh my … what started out as a single cacti, which I named Cuthbert, sitting on my studio windowsill has now blossomed (pardon the pun) into an ever-expanding plethora of plants! lol Loving it so much I may just have to let my greenery extend to the rest of the house lol. I’m sure many photos will follow in future social media posts …. you’ve been warned lol.

Okay, that’s enough of the waffling for for now, lets see what news I have for you my glorious readers:

  • First and foremost I’m truly thankful to say that this month’s first Wildlife Art Workshop over at Knowsley Safari Park here in Cheshire was a wonderful success, so much so that they’ve booked me in for Workshop number two. If you’d like additional information …

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Morning folks I hope that you’re all feeling well and enjoying what should hopefully be the beginning of some summer-feel-good weather.  The ground could do with some rain but I personally could do with some sunshine so bring it on …. 🙂   Well the sun is shining at the moment but I’m having to spend the morning in a garden centre in Liverpool while Bertie, my Landrover, is in the garage (yes I do name everything lol)  Thankfully Dobbies Garden Centre (and no I’m not getting paid to say that lol) has internet access, so instead of being a waste of time it’s actually going to be time well spent as I’ve trawled my way through a dozen or so emails and now I’m writing my latest Blog for you lovely people to read.  While back at home I’ve three paintings waiting to be worked on – one of them being a commissioned painting of a Sea Eagle for the world renown company Panasonic!  The other two paintings being ‘the wolves’ (yep still working my way through that one) and a second video being filmed for my YouTube channel, the subject being a Red Ruffed Lemur! 😉







Okay here we go:

As the title of this Blog states it’s that time of year yet again – the season of Patching’s Art Festival has arrived and the fun, for me, in all its glory begins tomorrow as I commence a four day stretch demonstrating for the world renown art materials manufacturers Caran d’Ache.  If you’ve never been before it’s well worth a visit, there’s two options if you do come:  1. leave your credit card at home and bring your partner’s card instead  or  2. ….. Nope just that first option lol.  There’s so much to see and do and with exclusive show prices everywhere you look you probably won’t go home empty handed 😉  Yep I’m speaking from experience lol.  So if you do come this year be sure to pop into the Art Materials marquee and say hi, I’d love to see you.  Here’s a link to the Patching’s website to wet your appetite:

Patchings Festival 2017

Okay moving forward towards the end of this month – I’m pleased to say that I will be exhibiting at this year’s EWA (Exhibition of Wildlife Art) 28th – 30th July at Gordale Garden Centre, Gordale, Chester High Road (A540) Burton, Wirral  CH64 8TF.  After many years of being invited to exhibit here this is the first year I’ve been able to accept as for once the dates aren’t coinciding with anything else on my calendar.










Closer to home, well at home to be more precise my first YouTube channel video is ready and set to ‘go public’ next Wednesday!  Thank you to everyone who’s already subscribed and thank you for your patience too.  It truly is a huge learning curve for me as I’ve never claimed to be tech savvy even though I maintain my own website complete with meta settings, footer putters, permalinks and plugins lol  But when it comes to the domain where video reigns it’s a whole new ball game to say the least:


This first video was filmed using my Canon 60D camera but since filming and editing this video my husband, often referred to as my Mr Wonderful lol, has bought me a Canon Legria hf r706 Camcorder, so I’m looking forward to getting it out of the box next week and getting some more filming done (hopefully of a better quality as long as user error doesn’t handicap the process lol)  Watch this space …..

Moving onwards into August – usually one of the busiest months in my calendar and yep this year’s August is no exception, and as if I’m not busy enough already I’ve added, in conjunction with ‘Wildlife Art Experiences’, a series of ‘Tuesday Taster ART Workshops’ commencing on Tuesday (there’s a surprise lol) 8th August!  These taster workshops are primarily for those of you wishing to dip your toe into the waters of the art world without having to take on a whole day or weekend workshop (although they’re not as testing as you might think).  Due to run from the Shropshire Falconry centre set in the glorious surrounds of the Shropshire countryside these workshops have something to offer everyone.  A 4 hr timetable will enable you to really get to grips with the materials and subject, the tuition and materials needed are supplied so that all you will need to bring with you is a smile and a willingness to learn.  It’s here that I hope to ignite, encourage and inspire you creative flame 😉

If you’d like to know more or reserve a place on this ‘Tuesday Taster’ or one or more of the subsequent dates please drop me an email and I’ll be more than happy to help:

Forthcoming Tuesday Tasters:

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Tuesday 3th October 2017

Tuesday 7th November 2017

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Venue details:

Shropshire Falconry
Holly Bank The Foxholes, Shrewsbury SY4 5UJ
+44 1939 236541



Moving on to the highlight of my year every year (and actually the place where I met my aforementioned Mr Wonderful lol) – the biggest date for my diary the BIRDFAIR in Rutland!  ‘Birdfair’ is one of it’s kind and attracts in excess of 124,000 people over three days, now that amount of visitors can’t be wrong.  It boasts art marquees, photography marquees, optics marquees (binoculars and telescopes not the alcoholic kind lol) but before you say argh!  There is a marquee with a full licensed bar and restaurant lol, as well as lecture marquees, marquees hosting wildlife and birding holiday stands, books, collectables, yep it goes on and on …. There’s even a huge charity auction …..

Last year Birdfair raised a colossal £350,000 for conservation via Birdlife International (and no I haven’t put the decimal point in the wrong place lol) proving that when people stand together things can really happen!  This year ‘Saving Paradise in the Pacific’ is the project for Birdlife International and I’m so proud to be a part of this event again.

If you’ve never been then please check out the Birdfair website:

‘BIRDFAIR 2017’  Egleton Nature Reserve, Rutland Water, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8BT.

Just 36 days to go and counting …..



Okay I think that’s enough for you all to be getting on with for today.

So it’s over and out from me for now

Be blessed and thank you once again for following my endeavours.

Looking forward to chatting with you all again soon, love & hugs Kerry x

p.s   If you would like me to add anything in particular to my weekly blogs then please pop your ideas in an email and forward them to me at and I’ll see what I can do.