Artist’s Biogrophy

Born in rural Leicestershire, England in 1966, Kerry has always, as far back as her parents can remember, held a passion for art and wildlife. Her parent’s large and relatively undisturbed wildlife garden being Kerry’s introduction to the natural world – a place that was destined for inquisitive exploration whilst home to a plethora of subjects to be drawn, journaled and later reproduced in paintings that would adorn the family home.

By the age of 14 Kerry’s artworks were already beginning to be commissioned. These first commissions included a watercolour painting of a pair of Bullfinches, followed in quick succession by a series of British Butterfly illustrations. Thus Kerry’s work as a commissioned artist was established – a background career that continued through the years whilst running parallel with the normal ‘run of the mill’ day jobs.

Thankfully Kerry now works full time as a professional wildlife artist from her home in Cheshire. Her services as a commissioned artist are sought by clients across the UK and further afield in Australia, America and Switzerland. Her keen eye for detail have earned her high recognition with the world famous art material manufacturers Caran d’Ache who not only commissioned Kerry to produce paintings that now adorn their headquarters in Geneva, but also led to Kerry being involved in the creation and resulting production of their fine art pastel pencil collection. A collaboration that continues to this day.

From being invited to be one of the founding artists for Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire when they established a gallery there, Kerry has since gone on to work with Chester Zoo in Cheshire and is now in talks with Knowsley Safari Park regarding the possibility of engineering an art based dimension there too. However, as if offering original wildlife paintings, Giclee limited edition prints and a private commissions service (wildlife and pets alike) wasn’t enough Kerry also finds time to share with and inspire others through teaching. And this is undoubtedly where her charismatic and some would say effervescent personality comes into play. For whether it’s running fully booked Wildlife Art Workshops, demonstrating to art groups and societies either in rural village halls or filled-to-the-brim town halls, talking to students in schools and colleges, or gently encouraging and guiding an individual through 1:1 tuition at her home or theirs, Kerry has without any doubt a very rare quality of wanting to share her talents with others. This generosity to share coupled with her capacity as a patient conscientious teacher and her absolute passion for the subjects she portrays inevitably creates a confidence that is both tangible and better still contagious to all who have the privilege of knowing her.

Kerry is without a doubt a kind generous and seriously gifted professional.

Marcus Taheri
Independent Art Dealer, Client & Friend

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2 Replies to “Artist’s Biogrophy”

  1. Christopher

    From where I stand here is very little doubt in my mind that our souls are related.
    Your Imagery (Art) is spectacular and I am very blessed to have found you half way around our marble. There is another Christopher Newell in the UK who is an Artist of the first order and also a professor.
    Our world is so large but so personally small & intimate. On my way to the easel…with an
    inspired smile brought on by a newly found sister of the brush. Hopefully today, as in days
    gone by, God will hold my hand as I paint. Be Well and my best to Gary

  2. Christopher Newell

    Hi Sis,
    I just finished watching all you Bootcamp videos….I know well
    that we are our own worst critics. We just have faith that our stumbles
    don’t take us to the bottom of the well where even Lassie can’t find us.
    I liked #12 where your instructor of merit was “Daddy Taught” ( want to see
    some of his work when you can take a break from yours…no hurry!)
    Numbers 18 & 19 were special as well. Faith is a great motivator…
    God gave us a wonderful gift and not sharing it would be wrong.
    Carry on and Hug Gary, LU

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